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Our Team

Simon Stewart / Head Chef

Simon was born and raised in the heart of some of the richest farming land in Victoria, the Colac-Otway district. He believes supporting locals creates a strong community; He wanted to create a kitchen that supported our local farmers.  This was his vision for Bespoke Harvest.

He takes great pleasure in planning, sowing, weeding and yielding the kitchen garden. Simon and his wife Kara are big on reducing their environmental impact, and that transpires into his kitchen. Having a direct supply chain straight from the farm gate allows him to collect produce daily. This eliminates food wastage and high food miles, which allows him to continue his personal environmental ethos of reducing his carbon foot print. Simon believes his food can only be as good as the ingredients used to create it.


Emma Ashton / Business owner

Emma grew up in Forrest (pop. 200). Her family have lived here for five generations, creating small town livelihoods in an ever changing society. Growing up on a dairy farm, her childhood country lifestyle of time spent with family and friends on their farmlands, and hanging out with the community at school, sporting and recreational events was what drew her back to the area after 20 years away.

Running a business in her hometown became a reality in 2013, and a shared vision of a community inspired food destination with Simon Stewart came about in 2014. 

A celebration of local stories, your experience at Bespoke Harvest & Forrest Guesthouse is a discovery of Australian country lifestyle. We harvest ingredients from a range of local, organic and boutique producers, for both the food and beverage menu, to nourish your body and mind.